Are Hobie kayaks good?

Are Hobie kayaks worth the money?

Compared to most boats, hobies ARE cheap and hold their value as a percent of purchase price MUCH better than most other boats. It is a good product.

Why are Hobie kayaks so good?

Hobie incorporate the latest technology into their kayak designs to make them some of the best small boats in the world. Their pedal technology, known as MirageDrive, allows for hands-free control of their kayaks and they also offer additional sail power kits that turn their kayaks into small sailing boats.

Are Hobie kayaks fun?

Hobie Mirage Kayaks are innovative designed watersport products, versatile, easy to use, and fun to paddle for people of all ages and skill levels. With a large variety of parts and accessories, Hobie Kayaks provide the platform for you to create your perfect watercraft.

Are Hobie kayaks made of HDPE?

Hobie and Native Watercraft kayaks are rotomolded plastic kayaks. These kayaks start with powdered polyethylene plastic and a mold.

Where are Hobie kayaks manufactured?

shameigh, I think you miss Matt’s point that Hobie Kayaks are made up from parts sourced globally, BUT the hulls are made in Oceanside, CA.

Made in China!

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Which Hobie kayak is best for fishing?

The sail- and MirageDrive 180 powered Adventure Island is Hobie’s most stable and fastest fishing platform.

How much is a Hobie Lynx kayak?

The Hobie Mirage Lynx retails for $2,699 and is available in Two-Tone Golden Papaya and Dune. To purchase, consumers can use the dealer locator feature at to find the authorized Hobie dealer closest to their location.

How much do Hobie kayaks cost?

The new Hobie Mirage Passport can be purchased at Hobie authorized dealers at an introductory MSRP of $1,299 (excluding taxes and shipping).

Can you stand up in a Hobie Outback?

Outback! Hobie’s H-Bar makes standing and standing up from a seated position much easier. This standing bar is made from strong 12-sided aluminum extrusion that you can later add other accessories to.