Your question: What is the importance of using Mercator sailing in calculating for course and distance?

What is the importance of using Mercator sailing?

Mercator sailing is used to calculate the position after sailing along a rhumb line other than in a North-South or East-West direction. It is also used to find course and distance between two known positions.

What is Mercator sailing and where it is most applicable?

Sailing is the term used in the maritime world to describe the method used to solve the problem of course and distance between two positions. … The Mercator Sailing is the most accurate method employed in marine navigation to handle calculations related to Rhumb Line sailing.

What is Mercator sailing method?

[mər′kād·ər ‚sāl·iŋ] (navigation) A method of solving the various problems involving course, distance, difference of latitude, difference of longitude, and departure by considering them in the relation in which they are plotted on a Mercator chart.

What is the purpose of using meridional parts in the calculation of course and distance?

The length of a meridian, increased between the Equator and any given latitude, expressed in minutes of arc at the Equator as a unit, constitutes the number of meridional parts corresponding to that latitude. Meridional-parts make it possible to construct a Mercator chart and to solve problems in Mercator sailing.

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What is a Mercator chart how was it made?

Mer·ca·tor projection

(mər-kā′tər) A method of making a flat map of the Earth’s surface so that the meridians and parallels appear as straight lines that cross at right angles. In a Mercator projection, the areas farther from the equator appear larger, making the polar regions greatly distorted.

What is the difference between plane sailing and Mercator sailing?

* It is similar to plane sailing except that plane sailing is used for small distance. * In mercator sailing the d’lat is expressed in longitudinal units, which is the difference of meridianal parts. * In plane sailing the d’long is expressed in latitude units or Nautical miles.

What is the applicable formula for finding the distance d in mid latitude sailing?

To Calculate The Distance Between Two Meridians Along A Parallel Of Latitude. The following formulas are used for calculating the difference in distance along a parallel of latitude (Ddist) corresponding to a difference in longitude (Dlong) and vice versa. Ddist = Dlong x Cos Lat. and Dlong = Ddist ÷ Cos Lat.