You asked: Where can I surf in Cocoa Beach?

Is it safe to surf at Cocoa Beach?

Cocoa Beach is a very popular place to not only surf, but swim, too. There can be no waves, moderate waves, or strong waves. It all depends on the weather. Many swimmers and surfers share the water at Cocoa Beach and other beaches in Florida.

Are there sharks at Cocoa Beach?

Just north of Cocoa Beach, we have a site for the highest incidences of shark bites in the world — Smyrna beach,” he explained. ”The habitat there is that there’s people surfing and sharks come in and out of the inlet, and when they bump into people they can’t see very well so they bite whatever they contact.”

Is Cocoa Beach good for beginner surfers?

Cocoa Beach Pier

If you’re looking to surf within close proximity to the theme park attractions in Orlando, this is your beach. … With tame waves, Cocoa Beach Pier is also a great spot for beginners.

Can you surf 1 ft waves?

Most surfers will call an average height rather than basing a session on rogue set waves/ the biggest of the day. … As a general rule, if it’s only 1ft, it’s pretty difficult to surf on, unless you longboard or are a lightweight grom/ shredding machine!

Does Cocoa Beach have waves in summer?

Summer ocean, from May to July, is usually flat, with occasional swells in the early morning. Carribean cyclone season starts in August and brings some huge waves up to three meters. Check out some of the best surf spots in Florida including Cocoa Beach, New Smyrna Inlet, Flagler Beach, St.

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Does Cocoa Beach have good waves?

Cocoa Beach, home to six-time World Champion Kelly Slater and Ron Jon Surf Shop, the world’s most famous surf shop, has its own allure. The crowds are smaller and the waves a little mellower, which makes it the best surfing in Florida for longboarders and beginners.