You asked: How do I know if my snorkel is sealed?

How do you make sure your snorkel is sealed?

The idea is that you can pour water water down the snorkel (with the obvious disconnected so it doesn’t get into the motor and airbox).. Seal it off on the inside of the air-box and see if anything leaks..Then wait for it all to dry out.. Even use air hose……Then restart when dry..

Do snorkels let rain in?

Normal use, and you are fine, the head of the snorkel will get rid of 95% of rain, and the little that gets sucked in is minute, only dampening, not wetting, the filter.

Are genuine Toyota snorkels sealed?

Re: Sealing a genuine snorkel

If you have a genuine snorkel you are fully covered by Toyota if it fails.

Should I snorkel my ATV?

Snorkeling your ATV is most useful for getting though deep water or mud. It will keep water out of the most important parts of your engine that are only supposed to subject to air. Feeding clean air safely to your engine to keep you riding through wet environments.

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