You asked: Can you still get parts for Polaris Jet Ski?

What years did Polaris make jet skis?

Polaris Personal Water Craft production started with the 1992 SL650, and Polaris stopped making PWC near the end of 2004. However, these machines are still fun, fast, and maintainable. You just need to learn what it takes to get them running properly, and keep them running.

How much is a 2000 Polaris Virage worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $7,999 $900
Options (Add)
Total Price $7,999 $900

Is Sea Doo made by Polaris?

However, the chart below reveals that Kawasaki and Yamaha are manufacturers while the term Sea-Doo is the brand name of the watercraft manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) Inc.

Other PWC Manufacturers.

Started 1968
Manufacturer Bombardier (BRP)
Brand name Sea-Doo

Does Polaris still make waverunners?

Polaris Industries Inc. has stopped making personal watercraft — effective immediately — the company announced in a news release Thursday.

Which jet ski brand is the best?

The best Jet Skis to buy now

  • Sea-Doo Spark Trixx. Best for stunts. …
  • Gibbs Quadski. Best for exploring ashore. …
  • Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300. Best for touring. …
  • Yamaha WaveRunner FX SVHO. Best for comfort. …
  • Kawasaki Ultra 310LX. Best for speed. …
  • Yamaha GP1800 R HO. Best newcomer. …
  • Sea-Doo Wake Pro. Best for tow sports. …
  • Yamaha Aqua Cruise.
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How fast does a Polaris 750 go? lists a stock 750 running 48+ MPH. The speedometer on it may read 54-55 MPH.

How do you start a Polaris jet ski out of water?

Turn the engine on and let it idle for about 2 to 5 seconds. Turn on the flush kit adapter valve, allowing water to flow into the engine. Make certain that you see water exiting the exhaust port, cooling port and impeller grate at the rear of the engine. The exhaust water should be mildly warm to the touch.