You asked: Are Catalina Yachts any good?

Are Catalina 30 good boats?

The Catalina 30 is a very stiff boat. The combination of a high ballast/displacement ratio, extraordinary beam, a deep fin keel, and a fairly small sail plan produce a boat that stands on her feet very well. Owners consider the boat to be just about as fast as other boats of the same size and type.

Is a Catalina 34 a good boat?

The boat is generally well engineered and well-executed. It is certainly adequate for typical coastal cruising, weekending, and daysailing. If good engineering means doing a good job of adapting means to ends, or materials to functions, then the Catalina 34 is well-engineered.

How fast will a Catalina 30 go?

The boat has a hull speed of 6.7 kn (12.41 km/h). An optional tall rig has a mast about 2 ft (0.61 m) taller.

Can a Catalina 30 cross the ocean?

From my experience with a Catalina 30-Tall, it handled very well in Chesapeake Bay, but an ocean going boat it ain’t! Way too light, didn’t like a following sea at all, especially when the waves got to about 10 feet.

Is a Catalina 27 a Blue Water Boat?

The Catalina 27 was not designed or built to be a bluewater boat, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some original construction details are more worrisome than the less than robust scantlings.

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How fast can a Catalina 27 sail?

6.25 knot, 7.2 mph hull speed.

How many people can fit on a Catalina 27?

The Catalina 27 sleeps a total of six. has a molded in shower pan, an opening overhead hatch, white formica bulkheads and a mirrored storage unit.

How much is a new Catalina 315?

Boat Details

Make Catalina
Model 315 (Factory Base)
Year 2021
Condition New
Price US$168,688