Why do divers use nitrox?

What are the advantages of nitrox diving?

Here are some of the advantages. When used and applied correctly, it will reduce the nitrogen gas accumulation in your body. It can increase actual bottom time by increasing the no-decompression time limits. It may also reduce fatigue after a dive and may shorten your surface interval time between dives.

Do you feel better diving with nitrox?

If you ask most people that dive on Nitrox, they will all say the same thing, they feel a lot better when diving on Nitrox than they do after diving on normal air.

Should I dive nitrox or air?

Breathing air which is enriched with more oxygen reduces the amount of nitrogen and therefore reduces the risk. A dive on Nitrox will be much safer than the same dive profile on air. Deep for Longer: Other than health & safety benefits, Nitrox scuba dives enable you to stay at depth for longer than air does.

How long can you dive with nitrox?

Therefore, even diving with Nitrox, this diver can only dive for maximum 30 minutes regardless of how much time before he reaches the no decompression limit. As a result, diving with nitrox does not offer a longer dive time for this diver. Diving with Nitrox reduces the risk of decompression sickness.

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Can you dive air after nitrox?

I believe most computers do this now. You can dive Nitrox and air, or different Nitrox mixes in one day.

Is it worth getting nitrox certified?

Is a nitrox certification “worth it”? If you fancy staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner, then yes; getting nitrox certified is worth it. You can take more photos, wave to more turtles, and spend more time exploring at depth. Many divers wait too long to try nitrox.

Is Nitrous the same as nitrox?

( is that the correct terms?). Nitrox on the other hand is just a mix of Oxygen and Nitrogen. Nitrous oxide contains 36% oxygen. When heated to 572deg F nitrox oxide breaks down into nitrogen and oxygen or 36%Nitrox.

How much does nitrox certification cost?

You can register online by paying the $25.00 registration fee. Your instructor will collect the remaining fees in person. The PADI Enriched Air – Nitrox (EANx) SCUBA Specialty Course is a one-evening class.

Do divers use pure oxygen?

Pure Oxygen Is Used in Technical Diving

Pure and high percentage mixes of oxygen (such as nitrox or trimix) are used by trained technical and recreational divers to extend bottom times and to speed decompression. On the surface, pure oxygen is recommended first aid for the majority of diving injuries.

Does nitrox last longer than air?

This does not mean that their tank lasts longer because they are diving with nitrox opposed to a 21% O2 gas blend. … However, a higher percentage of O2 allows you to stay at a safe depth longer than someone diving on air before having to proceed to a shallower depth due to no decompression times.

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How much extra is nitrox?

Q: Does nitrox cost more than a regular air fill? A: Yes. The average cost for an aluminum 80 cu/ft 3000 psi, filled with up to nitrox 32% will cost around $17.00 and 36% cost $20.00. Larger tanks 100cu/ft will cost around $25.00.