Who invented the jet ski?

Who started Jet Ski?

The American born Clayton Jacobson II invented jet skis in 1973. The first successful internal pump-jet personal watercraft was a stand-up Kawasaki they called the “Jet Ski.”

Why did Clayton Jacobson invent the Jet Ski?

Jacobson said he first came up with the idea of the jet ski in 1961 when he was working as a banker and living in Rolling Hills Estates, a Los Angeles suburb. He was inspired after he fell off a dirt bike during a race near Perris, Calif., and was stooping in an irrigation ditch to clean himself.

Who owns the term Jet Ski?

Although it’s often used for any “small motorized usually recreational watercraft,” Jet Ski has been a trademark of Kawasaki since the Jet Ski 400 first appeared in the 1970s. Other trademarks for similar watercraft include WaveRunner and Sea-Doo.

What came before jet skis?

The first personal watercraft originated in the early 1950s by motorcycle companies looking to expand from the road to the water. As About.com reports, the earliest models – then called “water scooters” – were first made in Europe, but they failed to gain popularity in those early markets.

What year did jet skis go 4 stroke?

An important turning point in the up-sizing of the Marine Jet was the shift from a 2-stroke to a 4-stroke engine from 1995.

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