Which country has the most Olympic gold medal in swimming?

Which country has won the most Olympic gold medals in swimming?

In total Australia has won 58 swimming gold medals at the Olympic Games, second only to the United States, who have won 217. East Germany is in third place with 32 gold medals.

What country has the most Olympic swimmers?

Swimming: Top medal-winning countries at the Olympics

Rank Nation Total
1 United States (USA) 553
2 Australia (AUS) 188
3 East Germany (GDR) 92
4 Hungary (HUN) 73

Who holds the most gold medals for swimming?

Michael Phelps, born 1985

Phelps holds the record for the most gold medals won in a single Olympics, his eight at the 2008 Beijing Games surpassed American swimmer Mark Spitz’s seven-gold performance at Munich in 1972.

What country is swimming most popular?


Top Positions %
1 United States 18.8
2 Australia 12.1
3 Russia 10.6
4 Italy 7.2

Has Australia ever won an Olympics?

Australia has sent athletes to all editions of the modern Olympic Games. Australia has competed in every Summer Olympic Games, as well as every Winter Olympics except 1924–32 and 1948.

Medals by Summer Games.

Games Total
Gold 164
Silver 173
Bronze 210
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