Where is the best snorkeling in Riviera Maya?

Can you snorkel off the beach in Riviera Maya?

From this small paradise beach in the Riviera Maya Snorkeling experience, you can go snorkeling off shore and see some coral formations and fishes that are not actually part of the coral reef barrier.

Is it better to stay in Cozumel or Playa del Carmen?

While Cozumel may be the prime destination for scuba divers, because of its limited infrastructure and access to other attractions outside of the island, it is recommended to stay in Playa del Carmen and make day diving trips to Cozumel’s waters.

Is it safe to swim in Riviera Maya?

Water safety while around the sea and in the Riviera Maya

The reef can be over 500 meters from shore and swimming out that far is not recommended. … Water safety is just prudent and good safety measures. Millions of people enjoy the water all year round, but water safety is important….

Is it safe to snorkel in Cancun?

Cancun’s waves attract surfers from all over the world, but can be treacherous for a snorkeler. When the surf is high, areas otherwise great for snorkeling can be very dangerous, pushing snorkelers underwater and holding them under for extended periods.

Can you swim in Riviera Maya?

Yes you can swim at most of the resorts in Playa Delcarma, Riviera, Tulum, Isles of Mesure and other Mexico areas. The water is crystal clear blue and the beaches are beautiful!

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