Where do you hang a wetsuit?

Is it bad to leave wetsuit outside?

If you can, hang it inside. If you can’t hang it inside, make sure it stays in the shade. Leaving your wetsuit to cook in the sun will damage the neoprene. When the inside of the wetsuit is dry, turn it right-side-out again and let it dry a second time.

Can you spin dry a wetsuit?

Can you spin dry a wetsuit? No, you cannot because the spinning cycle is too intense for a wet wetsuit or any wetsuit, and it will come apart at the seams quite quickly.

How do you dry a wetsuit in the winter?

After rinsing, hang your wetsuit at the waist, inside out on a thick hanger (like the Dry hanger) somewhere out of the sun. Leave your wetsuit to hang overnight in your garage or shower to completely dry your wetsuit.

Should you dry wetsuit inside out?

Dry your wetsuit inside out first. You should always peel your wetsuit off inside out anyway. Once the inside is dry, turn the wetsuit right side out to finish drying.

How often do you wash your wetsuit?

You don’t even have to do this every time you surf—once a week will do just fine. But you should at least rinse it after each session, you smelly yeast beast. Spray it, kook. 1.

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