Where can I surf in South East England?

Where can I surf in the east of England?

Surf Spots In East Coast

Surf Spot Photos Wave type
South Bay Scarborough 10 Beach break
Sutton on Sea 1 Beach break
The Point Reef break
Whitby Beach break

Is there anywhere to surf in England?

With 11,000 miles of coastline, the UK is blessed with some epic surf spots. There’s everything from sheltered beach breaks to powerful barrelling waves to choose from up and down the country. From Scotland to Cornwall, there is a spot for you to catch the perfect wave – no matter your ability.

Can you surf on the east coast of England?

Surfing in England was once Cornwall’s domain – but now the east coast is giving the south-west a run for its money. Deep swells, good waves and ice-cold seas are fast making north Norfolk a mecca for the die-hard surfer.

Where can I surf in the South East?


  • Greatstone Beach.
  • Botany Bay.
  • Minnis Bay.
  • Joss Bay.
  • Whitstable Beach.
  • Dymchurch.

Where can I surf in south England?

Best surfing beaches UK south coast

  • Bournemouth.
  • Boscombe.
  • Kimmeridge.
  • Bracklesham Bay.
  • Highcliffe.
  • Hayling Island.
  • Brighton Pier.

Is Scarborough good for surfing?

Scarborough is the central hub of surfing in Yorkshire and for good reason. It has many locations suitable for all levels of surfers and many different conditions. If there are waves about, you can bet that one of Scarborough’s beaches is picking up the surf nicely indeed.

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Where can you surf in the UK to live?

8 Best Places To Live In The UK And Ireland If You’re A Surfer

  • 1) Newquay, Cornwall. Photo: Stock. …
  • 2) Porthcawl, Wales. Photo: Stock. …
  • 3) Thurso, Scotland. Photo: Stock. …
  • 4) Braunton, North Devon. Photo: Stock. …
  • 5) Jersey, Channel Islands. Photo: Stock. …
  • 6) Bundoran, Ireland. …
  • 7) Saltburn, North Yorkshire. …
  • 8) St Ives, Cornwall.