Where are Tartan Yachts built?

Is Tartan yachts still in business?

Tartan Sailing Yachts, Legacy Downeast Yachts and AMP, all under the Tartan-Legacy manufacturing operation, are now part of Seattle Yachts International after being purchased by Marine Manufacturing Group LLC. The subsidiary was formed for the purchase.

Does Tartan still make sailboats?

The Tartan factory currently produces six models: a 345, the all-new 395, 4000, 4300, 4700, and 5300. Contact your Seattle Yacht Sales Professional today to start your search for the perfect Tartan sailboat.

Are Tartan Yachts good?

Prices of used Tartan 37s put them in the moderate price range, but generally they are very good values. Quality construction, excellent reputation and loyal owners tend to maintain their value, and demand for well-maintained used boats is generally high.

What kind of boat is a tartan?

A tartane or tartan was a small ship used both as a fishing ship and for coastal trading in the Mediterranean. They were in use for over 300 years until the late 19th century. A tartane had a single mast on which was rigged a large lateen sail, and with a bowsprit and fore-sail.

Is Hunter Marine still in business?

More than 100 of the 490 members of the National Marine Manufacturers Association have gone out of business, he said. Hunter Marine now has 54 employees. … New Jersey powerboat builders Warren and John Luhrs founded the Hunter Marine sailboat operation in Alachua in 1972.

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Is Tartan a blue water boat?

This is moderately light but well within the parameters of a good blue water sailing boat. The deep-draft version has an SA/D of 179, which is more on the performance end of the spectrum.

How much does a tartan 395 cost?

The Tartan 395 is not quite as beamy as the competing boats in its size range in the 2019 BOTY fleet, but resting there and taking in the surroundings, things felt snug and secure. Two words, ultimately, came to mind. Proper.

Tartan 395 Specifications.

DESIGNER Tim Jackett
PRICE $450,000

Is a Tartan 37 a bluewater boat?

Practical Sailor Review – “The longevity of the 37 in production is a remarkable testament to the inherent quality of both its design and its construction.” Bluewater Boats Review – “The Tartan 37 is considered one of today’s classic cruising yachts.”