What stretches should you do after swimming?

Should I stretch before or after swimming?

An exercise like swimming is an all-body workout, so try to stretch all of the major muscle groups before you swim.

Should swimmers stretch?

“I often suggest my swimmers do static stretching at home each night, focusing on the shoulders, neck, back, hamstrings, calves, and hips. Stretching all over is best, but each individual has specific areas where they may need more of an emphasis.

How long should I rest after swimming?

Research suggests you should try to get an about seven to eight hours per night to make sure your body has time to recover for a new day. After a hard swimming workout, micro-tears and small knots develop in your muscles.

Does swimming make you flexible?

It Improves Your Flexibility

While swimming won’t stretch you as effectively as yoga or Pilates, the range of motion involved in swimming lengthens the muscles in a way that can make your joints more flexible and help recovery.

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