What is the stoke in surfing?

What does find your stoke mean?

slang. : being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

What does it mean by stroking?

to move a hand, another part of the body, or an object gently over something or someone, usually repeatedly and for pleasure: Stroke the dog if you want, he won’t bite. She lovingly stroked Chris’s face with the tips of her fingers.

What does Europic mean?

: relating to compounds of europium in which it is trivalent.

What does stoking fires mean?

1 : to poke or stir up (a fire, flames, etc.) : supply with fuel.

What does stoking a fire do?

stoke Add to list Share. To stoke is to poke a fire and fuel it so that it burns higher. Stoke can also mean “incite” — a principal’s impassive silence in the face of requests for more tater tots might stoke the flames of student anger.

How do surfers know when to surf?

The surf conditions are based on factors such as wave and swell height, wind strength and direction, and tidal movement, among many others discussed above. Analyzing all of these elements provides surfers with the ability to understand the surf conditions they can expect for that particular time.

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