What is the main goal of water polo?

Why is water polo important?

Teamwork and good communication are vital for success in water polo. You will get to know your teammates more since polo is a very social sport. Another benefit of playing a water polo is that it’s great at developing problem solving. You’ll learn strategies to break down a defense and how to play with an extra player.

Are there goals in polo?

Polo Matches are played in three levels(low goal, medium goal and high goal) depending on a polo team’s total of each player’s handicap. The term goal does not refer to how many goals the player will score in a match but indicates the players value to the team.

What is the attacker position in water polo?

Water polo players use the “eggbeater” technique to tread water. Attacker: (Flat, Wing, Point, Driver) Also called a “utility player,” a versatile player who is a secondary two-meter defender but who is also capable of playing the hole and driver positions.

What do the divers do in water polo?

Diving: Divers do a lot of work on their fitness out of the pool, such as trampolining and interval training, to develop the fast-twitch muscle fibres needed to move the body in and out of diving shapes at speed.

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What do the whistles mean in water polo?

One whistle means the team who has the One whistle means the team who has the ball now gets a free pass. NO DEFENSE on this free pass! • Two whistles means the defense now gets the ball (turnover) gets the ball (turnover).

Why is water polo the best sport?

Water polo teaches you to be a member of a team, love water, to be strong, as well as waking up your inner competitive nature and building a strong passion inside you. It makes you feel an incredible, hard to explain, feeling that only people who play water polo feel.”

What makes a good water polo player?

In addition, players need considerable strength to hit, block, and push other players during game play (27,32). For these reasons, the basic characteristics of the elite water polo player includes high levels of strength, swimming speed and lean body mass, and specific technical and tactical capabilities (1,17,23).