What does the stand diver down do?

Can Anasui go through walls?

Powers & Abilities

Its main ability is to phase through objects and manipulate them from within. This can be used to attack the enemy from within, or to protect an ally from attacks. Anasui often uses Diver Down to climb through walls by summoning arms on the wall, using them as steps.

How do you get diver down in a modded adventure?

Diver Down is a stand that can be obtained by a Stand Arrow, it is rare it is a A tier in the value list.

Is Anasui and Jolyne canon?

Canon. Upon first interacting with Jolyne, he becomes enamored with her. … In the end of Stone Ocean, while original-universe Jolyne and Anasui are never officially together, their counterparts in a newly-created alternate reality (Irene and Annakiss) are referred to as being partners.

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