What do you wear kayaking in hot weather?

What to wear kayaking on a hot day?

What to wear kayaking in the summer.

  • Bathing suit.
  • Technical Shirt, Quick Drying Shirt or Rashguard.
  • Board Shorts, Quick Drying shorts.
  • Water shoes or sandals.
  • Life jacket (no inflatables)
  • Sun hat.
  • Spray top.
  • Spray pants.

What is best to wear when kayaking?

Thermals are a good base layer and will help keep you toasty, as well as taking moisture away from your skin through its material. These are usually made from man-made fibres or natural materials like wool. A fleece layer over your thermals will seal the deal and keep you comfortable, even on the coldest of days.

Can you wear sneakers kayaking?

Most sports sneakers, even high-quality ones, aren’t designed to come into contact with water, and they don’t have the features that work well during kayaking. Sneakers don’t drain well, they don’t have sufficient grip, and they may have cotton laces that are difficult to tie and untie when wet.

What should I wear if I don’t have a wetsuit?

Without a full wetsuit, you’re going to need to layer up to protect yourself from the cold. And it’s worth repeating again – no cotton. Instead, aim for a base layer made with polypropylene (or anything similar such as Under Armour cold gear).

What should I bring kayaking?

Getting Started Kayaking

  • Kayak. Let’s start with the obvious, first — you’ll need a kayak. …
  • Buoyancy Aid. A buoyancy aid is similar to a life jacket, but it allows for more movement of your neck and arms. …
  • Paddle. Of course, you simply can’t go kayaking without a paddle. …
  • Wetsuit/Dry Top. …
  • Wet Shoes. …
  • Rope Bag. …
  • Dry Bag. …
  • Shelter.
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