What do you call an Arab sailing vessel?

What is another name for a sailing vessel?

What is another word for sailing boat?

yacht boat
ketch sailboat
ship sloop
cruiser cutter
racer yawl

What is a single masted sailing vessel called?

Sloop A single-masted, fore-and-aft-rigged sailing vessel with a short standing bowsprit or none at all and a single headsail set from the forestay. The mast of a sloop is farther forward than the mast of a cutter.

What is a fast sailing ship called?

CLIPPER. a fast sailing ship used in former times.

What is a large sailing vessel called?

yacht. noun. a large expensive boat that is used for racing or sailing.

What’s the name for a large church?

What is another word for large church?

cathedral tower
palace hall
edifice basilica
chancel minster
sanctuary temple
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