Quick Answer: Why do surfers say Cowabunga?

Why do we say cowabunga?

cowabunga (interj.)

1954, American English, from exclamation of surprise and anger by “Chief Thunderthud” in “The Howdy Doody Show,” 1950s children’s TV show; used by surfers 1960s as a shout of triumph, and spread worldwide 1990 by use in the TV cartoon “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

What does the surfer term cowabunga mean?

If you need a textbook definition of “cowabunga,” Cralle’s Surfin’ary (Ten Speed Press) explains that it’s an exultant shout appropriated from The Howdy Doody Show of the 1950s that means “Surf’s up.” … Then there are those times when you’re totally “stoked” by the sand, sun and surf.

What does cowabunga mean in slang?

Interjection. cowabunga. (slang, originally US, usually humorous) Expressing amazement, enthusiasm, or joy.

Is Cowabunga an English word?

exclamation. Used to express delight or satisfaction.

What do Hawaiians call surfers?

Another Hawaiian surfing term is big kahuna, which originally referred to a prominent priest or sage in Hawaii, says the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), and now means an expert surfer, a really big wave, or any bigwig. Kahuna comes from the Hawaiian word for shaman or wizard.

What does Cowabunga mean in the 80s?

Filters. (slang) An expression of surprise or amazement, often followed by “dude”

Who said Cowabunga first?

“Cowabunga! carries with it a singular history. It was first used by Bill LeCornec, who played a number of roles on the ‘Howdy Doody Show,’ including Chief Thunderthud of the Ooragnuk (kangaroo spelled backward).

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