Quick Answer: What is the best wake surf board?

How do I choose a wakesurf board?

Bigger wakesurfers have more surface area and more float, which means they work well for heavier riders. If you are riding behind a boat that throws a smaller wake, choose a bigger board. Larger wakesurfers move more slowly through the water and are easier for beginners to learn on.

What is a hybrid wakesurf board?

They have an arrowhead shape making them mostly one-directional. These are great boards for intermediate riders or for advanced riders who really just want to carve. One key difference between Hybrid and Skim style boards is that Hybrid boards often have large fins in the back.

What size wakeboard board do I need?

Wakeboard size chart

Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kg) Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100 < 45 < 130
90 – 150 40 – 65 130 – 134
130 – 180 59 – 82 135 – 139
170 – 250 77 – 113 140 – 144

What is a skimmer wakesurf board?

Skim style wakesurf boards typically are shorter, have thinner profiles, symmetrical shapes from tip to tail and little to no channeling. … A symmetrical shape gives the rider the option to ride the board forward or backwards, opening up the possibility for skateboarding tricks like spins, shuv its, big spins, etc.

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