Quick Answer: What does a jet ski intake grate do?

Do intake grates make a difference?

The scoop of each Worx Intake Grate is designed to direct more water to the top of the pump tunnel area for an even flow into the jet pump. This means increased acceleration and a reduction in cavitation. … This is a massive advantage when towing water skiers or other water toys!

Can you ride a jet ski without an intake grate?

Re: Riding without intake grate

yes, you will typically loose performance, if you have NO intake grate. even a stocker helps grab “some” water, and divert it into the pump tunnel.

What does a aftermarket intake grate do?

An aftermarket intake grate will pull more water into your pump housing and help keep your ski hooked up – eliminating air time and keeping your ski driving hard and fast in various conditions. For stand-up riders, ride plates and sponsons are the most important handling components.

How do jetski intakes work?

The purpose of an intake grate is to gather the water and supply the pump with a constant uninterrupted stream of water. The pump then of course translates this stream of water into a massive flow rate gain.

What makes a jet ski faster?

Impeller. The type and angle of an impeller can greatly increase top speed and make your jet ski faster. … Some aftermarket impellers are designed to increase the top speed of the jet ski, and some are designed to increase acceleration. Usually the rider has a preference and makes their decision based off of that.

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How can I increase the speed of my jet ski?

Performance modifications for a faster jet ski

  1. A new high boost impeller for the rear.
  2. Upgrade to the air intake system (more flow)
  3. Full replacement of the factory turbo system.
  4. Changes to the engine ICU to increase low-end torque.

What is a top loader intake grate?

Top loader intake grates are aftermarket performance parts designed to increase the handling and power of jet skis. They come with better geometry like OEM grates and usually feature a center wing to supply the engine with more water. … Unfortunately, jet skis are prone to sucking up ropes and debris from the water.

Where is the air intake on a jet ski?

FRONT intake is INSIDE the hull=longer intake, & HOT air! REAR intake brings fresh air in from behind you (as long as you didn’t drink that keystone light crap the night before…