How much rocker should a skimboard have?

How many inches should my skimboard be?

In terms of height, your skimboard should come up to around your own waist to chest height. Your ability may also affect the size you opt for as larger boards are slightly easier to ride, with greater surface area to stand on, and more float.

How many layers of fiberglass do you need for a skimboard?

It’s bonded with epoxy resin to maximize the rebound when the board is flexed. All Pro Boards have three layers of woven E-glass fiberglass cloth on each side of the foam. They feature a double wrapped rail. Premium Carbon boards add a 1/4″ thick carbon rail band, adding longevity and durability to the rail design.

How do you size a skimboard?

If you’re a beginner rider, start riding your skimboard in a wet, flatland surface.

Skimboarder Weight (lb) Skimboard Model (size) Skimboard Dimensions (inches)
100-140 S 51.00” x 19.75”
120-160 M 52.00” x 20.00”
140-180 ML 52.25” x 20.25”
160-200 L 52.50” x 20.50”

Are Zap Skimboards good?

The quality of Zap skimboards is one of their best features. Each board is made from first-rate materials that guarantee maximum performance while reducing the risk of the board breaking.

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