How do you get diver down in a modded adventure?

How do you get Oni a modded adventure?

Oni is a spec, that is obtained by using a Hellish Diary on Purple Guy. Players who use Oni wear an Oni’s Outfit and Caestus gloves that are engulfed in red flames. You can evolve it into Sticky Fingers with a Zipper Arm.

How do you get cream in a modded adventure?

To get Cream, you need to use a Vampire Mask on Star Platinum: The World.

What do you use hellish diary on in a modded adventure?

Oni. Use Hellish Diary on Purple Guy to get Oni. Edited by Someone who isn’t stupid or ignorant enough to want the fandom to know their name.

What do you use full form Emerald on in a modded adventure?

This emerald is used to get Hyper Pot Platinum.

How do you use a sandbox in a modded adventure?

Sandbox Mode is secret/hidden feature where you can access a sandbox version of A Modded Adventure. To enter Sandbox Mode, say “:sandbox” in chat in either public or private. In about 2-1 or so seconds, you’ll be teleported to a different game.. You’ll be teleported to Sandbox Mode.

How do you spawn DIO in a modded adventure?

DIO is the first boss to be added which spawns near DIO’s coffin in the desert area, near where you can dig with the trowel. DIO spawns near every hour, so get ready for that next hour mark. His health is 4,150 and has drops that are: Camera, Vampire Mask, Knife or DIO’s Diary.

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