How do you complete deep dive in Far Cry new dawn?

Who plays Carmina Rye?

Reina Hardesty: Carmina Rye.

How do you melee underwater in Far Cry 5?

Unlock the door, head inside and turn right – you’ll see a yellow switch on the wall. Flip it and the water in the bunker will begin to drain. Now head back down the ladder inside the bunker and you should now be able to reach the boarded-up doorway. Shoot it or melee it to destroy the planks.

Where is the shed key for deep dive?

Prepper Stash: Deep Dive

As the note by the door indicates, the shed key is underwater in the bunker. Dive down to get it- the key is in the far right corner of the room, on a table by a flashlight. Grab it, and head back up.

Can u ride animals in Far Cry New Dawn?

You Can Still Recruit Animals And Your Pup Can Ride Shotgun

Timber not only has some new takedowns, but he can also ride in vehicles and scare away larger animals.

Is Selene a faith seed?

In the game files, Faith is often referred to as Selena Seed, which indicates that at some point during the development of the game Faith’s original name was meant to be Selena but they changed it for some reason, just like Virgil Knutsen, the mayor of Fall’s End, was renamed Virgil Minkler.

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