Has dived or has dove?

Is it I have dived or I have dove?

The verb dive has two past tenses, dived and dove, and both are acceptable.

How do you conjugate dive?

Conjugation English verb to dive

  1. Simple present. I dive. …
  2. Present progressive/continuous. I am diving. …
  3. Simple past. I dived/dove. …
  4. Past progressive/continuous. I was diving. …
  5. Present perfect simple. I have dived. …
  6. Present perfect progressive/continuous. I have been diving. …
  7. Past perfect. I had dived. …
  8. Past perfect progressive/continuous.

Whats the meaning of dived?

verb (used without object), dived or dove, dived, div·ing. to plunge into water, especially headfirst. to go below the surface of the water, as a submarine. to plunge, fall, or descend through the air, into the earth, etc.: The acrobats dived into nets. Aeronautics.

What’s the plural of dive?

dive (plural dives) A jump or plunge into water.

What are the tenses of dive?

“Dived” is the traditional past tense and past participle of “to dive,” but “dove” has crept in over the last two centuries — particularly in the US. This is probably a result of the verb “to drive” (with its past tense “drove”) becoming more common.

Is dived a word in Scrabble?

Yes, dived is in the scrabble dictionary.

When did dove become a word?

The first known use of dove was in the 13th century.

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What is the past tense of scuba diving?

The most correct and original past tense construction is “dived”. So I’d say: “Last week we Scuba-dived.” In north American English though, “dove” has become common, I guess by transfer of the construction from other verbs where this past construction is universal (drive->drove).