Frequent question: What size trolling motor do I need for my kayak?

How do I choose a trolling motor for my kayak?

Maximum work efficiency and durability are most important when using a kayak motor in a saltwater environment. Look for a kayak motor made of anti-rust materials, making the motor durable and long-lasting. Saltwater electric motors are always a good way to go because they are good for both freshwater and saltwater use.

How fast will a 55lb trolling motor go on a kayak?

The maximum speed of a trolling motor is 5 mph regardless of how many pounds of thrust. The 55# thrust MinnKota Endura with all the new electronic gadgetry is overkill. Save your money! Pick up a MinnKota 30# Endura at half the price of the larger thrust trolling motors.

How many pounds of thrust do I need for my kayak?

Generally, it follows a weight ratio and it’s thought that for every 100 pounds of boat you should need two pounds of thrust.

What is the fastest trolling motor for a kayak?

The 7 Best Electric Trolling Motors For Kayaks In 2021:

Product Max Thrust
#1 Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor 55 lbs
#2 Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Trolling Motor 30 lbs
#3 Cloud Mountain Saltwater Trolling Motor 36/40/46/50/55/60/86
#4 Electric Trolling Motor by Goplus 46/55/86 lbs
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How do I choose a kayak motor?

When choosing your motor, consider the size and type of your kayak. A fifteen-inch kayak will best fit with 12 volt motor and 52 lbs. of thrust. The size of the kayak determines the amount of battery power and thrust required.

Will 2 trolling motors make you go faster?

Will 2 trolling motors make you go faster? A dual trolling motor can increase the speed of your inflatable boat. It won’t turn your vessel into a speed boat. However, it can boost the speeds to ensure you’ll consistently hit the motor’s top speeds.

How long will a 24v trolling motor last?

However, a 24-volt trolling motor should last at least 8-10 hours and may last up to several days before you need new or recharged batteries.

How fast does a 3hp outboard motor go?

To give you a simple reference, a 3 hp electric outboard can push a 12 ft boat with 150 kg (331 lbs) load at a max speed of 9 km/h (5.6 mph). That’s to say the 3 hp outboard motor can provide more than sufficient propulsion for a 10 ft tender or work as an auxiliary power for a daysailer of up to 1.5 tonnes (3307 lbs).