Frequent question: How do you add reef points to a sail?

What does it mean to reef your sails?

Typically it involves lowering the sail a few feet and tying up the extra material in some fashion onto the boom, thereby establishing a new tack and clew. Figure it out and put in a reef, then shake it out.

What is Jiffy reefing?

Sailrite’s jiffy reef system focuses stress on the strongest parts of the sail—the leech and the luff. A line at the leech is secured to an eye strap on the port side of the boom. Then it is run up through a jiffy grommet on the leech above the clew and down to a bullet block on the other side of the boom.

What are Reef Points used for?

The sail’s reef points are the sturdy ties that secure the unused portion of the sail material to the boom. These reef points increase helm visibility and prevent the foot of the sail from flopping about uncontrollably.

What is a third reef?

Reef 3 is a slab reef with a line to the clew only. When I put it in I have to go to the mast to deal with the tack which is held by a big snap shackle on a dyneema strop which attaches to spectacles through the cringle.

What is a jib clew?

The corner where the leech and foot connect is called the clew on a fore-and-aft sail. On a jib, the sheet is connected to the clew; on a mainsail, the sheet is connected to the boom (if present) near the clew. Clews are the lower two corners of a square sail. Square sails have sheets […] Cringle.

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Can you reef a self tacking jib?

Reefing of the self-tacking jib is, indeed, not the best idea. When partly furled, the foot gets shorter but you can’t adjust the sheet point forward, meaning more vertical loads on the foot.

How do you reef when sailing downwind?

There is no need to make huge course alterations in order to reef your mainsail. When sailing downwind, head up just enough to lift the back of the main clear from the spreaders. Drop your traveller to its full extent, release the kicker and ease the mainsheet a little.

How do you reef a jib?

If they are furled around the forestay then it is very simple to reef them. You simply roll them up a little in order to decrease their size. Typically there will be two stripes marked on the foot of the jib/genoa. Each one marks where the sail should be rolled to for the respective reefing point.