Frequent question: Can you surf on the gulf side of Florida?

Is the Gulf coast good for surfing?

When most people think of the Gulf of Mexico, surfing probably never crosses their mind. However, the gulf is more than capable of producing quality surf. The gulf waves are influenced by tropical weather, such as hurricanes and cold fronts, often producing much higher quality surf that most would expect.

Where can you surf on the Gulf coast of Florida?

Surf Spots In Florida Gulf Coast

Surf Spot Photos Wave direction
North Jetty Venice Right & left
Panama City Beach Right & left
Pensacola Beach Right
Sand Key Right

Can you surf on west coast of Florida?

Surf in fall and winter for the best swells on the West Coast of Florida. From September through November, surfers have a decent chance of catching swells that have been stirred up by hurricanes. … Early spring surfers can enjoy the last few swells of the season. Summer is notoriously flat along the Gulf Coast.

Can you surf in Clearwater FL?

Know Before You Go: Surf, Weather & Travel Info

Clearwater is the first of the white-sand beach towns along Florida’s Gulf Coast. … Surfing on the patrolled area of Clearwater’s public beach is not allowed, but surfers flock to the area at the north end and take advantage of a double-sandbar beachbreak known as 880.

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Can you surf in Tampa FL?

Beaches south of Tampa Bay tend to have larger and better surf than those north of the bay. To be rideable with a surfboard, you’ll need waves at least 2 or 3 feet high. … The most consistent waves for surfing occur in the colder months–December through March–so you’ll need a wetsuit.

Can you surf in Sarasota Florida?

If you want to go surfing in Sarasota, the most popular spots are Lido Beach just south of St. Armands Circle on Lido Key and the North Jetty in Nokomis. While these spots are surfed year-round, hurricane season is prime time for swells.