Can you swim in the Chicago River?

Is it illegal to jump into the Chicago River?

It’s illegal to swim in the Chicago River, but how about backflipping into it? A video posted to YouTube this week appears to show a man leaving Lollapalooza doing just that, leaping into the air from a bridge downtown while others egg him on. “Just do it, just do it.

Is it safe to swim in the Illinois River?

Data shows that bacteria are present in the Illinois River. Don’t swim in water with a temperature greater than 80°F (If the water does not feel cool when you first enter it, then it is likely greater than 80°F). Don’t swim if you have cuts or scrapes. Don’t swim after a heavy rain.

Why does the Chicago River smell?

In the 1800s, the river was teeming with human waste, as well as animal products from the meat packing industry – causing foul odors to emanate throughout the city. To make things even more challenging, much of Chicago’s drinking water came from these infected waters.

Can you swim in Chicago Lake Michigan?

people do swim in the lake. There are several nice beaches. North ave being the most famous.

Is the Illinois River polluted?

Pollution in the Illinois River

Its basin includes 46 percent of Illinois’ agricultural land and 95 percent of its urban population. … Many waters become polluted by new sewage discharges, stormwater that runs off construction sites, lawn care chemicals that wash into streams, fluids oozing from automobiles, and so on.

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