Can you surf in Corpus Christi?

How big are the waves in Port Aransas Texas?

The most powerful waves expected at Port Aransas in the next 12 days are 5ft 6s and forecast to arrive on Friday (Nov 05) at 1PM.

Best Forecast Surf Conditions for Port Aransas this week:

Wave Type Time (CDT) & Date Wave Height & Period
Most Powerful 1PM (Fri 5th Nov) 4.5ft (1.4m) 6s

What is the water temp in Corpus Christi?

Today’s Corpus Christi sea temperature is 83 °F.

How do you check for swelling?

Swell speed is measured at nautical miles per hour or knots. (1 knot is 1.2 miles on land.) In order to work out the speed that a swell is travelling multiply the wave period by 1.5. The result is the speed the swell is travelling in knots.

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