Can you surf at Woodgate Beach?

Is Woodgate worth visiting?

Its pristine conditions make the location a grand spot for tourists as well as residents. For those visiting Woodgate, it is essential to know how far other popular areas are from this area. The reason for this is because the eastern coast of Australia is home to many wonderful spots to check out while on holiday.

Can you see whales at Woodgate Beach?

Whale watching

During late Autumn and late Spring, the locals of Woodgate tell us that you can sometimes see whales from Woodgate Beach.

Does it flood at Woodgate?

There is one flood-prone feed road into Woodgate Beach and Walkers Point. … Those that may be flooded in a major surge.

Is Woodgate beach safe for swimming?

Woodgate is a relatively safe beach with a wide, low gradient beach and surf zone and usually low waves. However when waves exceed 0.5 m, stronger currents, including rips, are generated. There are also strong tidal currents and deep channels at Theodolite Creek and particularly along Burrum Point Beach.

Are there crocodiles in Burnett River?

According to the Department of Environment, there are 2741 species of animals and plants in the upper Burnett River and 629 in the lower Burnett River, which includes Sandy Hook where three croc sightings have been reported since December.

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