Can you surf at Mission Beach?

Where can I surf on the ocean in San Diego?

Ocean beach is a great little surf town with a variety of surf breaks. South of the pier is a consistent reef that breaks mainly left (or the suicide right will take you right into the rocks) The more experienced surfer can shoot through the pier connecting on to the beach breach break.

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in San Diego?

As far as what to wear for surfing, a 4/3mm full wetsuit is the most versatile piece a person can own and use in San Diego. It will keep you warm for about 9 months out of the year. And for those really warm water temperatures, a wetsuit top will be your best friend.

Is it safe to surf in San Diego?

La Jolla Shores is one of San Diego’s best and most popular beaches. Somewhat protected from the prevailing southwest wind, it’s a safe, gentle spot to learn or enjoy surfing. There are year-round lifeguard services, good facilities and decent parking.

Is Pacific Beach a good surf spot?

Pacific Beach is a solid local surf spot with a variety of breaks and a seriously unique and lively atmosphere—worth a visit for any local or traveling surfer.

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When can you surf in San Diego?

Generally speaking, San Diego’s best surf season is August thru November. In late summer and early fall, big, orderly south swells combine with Santa Ana winds to produce beautiful offshore walls and barrels.

What is the water temperature in Mission Beach?

Today’s Mission Beach sea temperature is 63 °F.

What is the water temperature in Ocean Beach?

Today’s Ocean Beach sea temperature is 59 °F.

What time is low tide in Mission Beach?

Tides in Crown Point, Mission Bay, CA for Today & Tomorrow

Next high tide is 6:50 am. Next low tide is 11:58 pm. Sunset today is 6:19 PM. Sun rise tomorrow is 6:51 AM.