Can you kayak on Loch Lomond?

Do you need a permit to kayak on Loch Lomond?

The kayaks will only be hired out if the weather conditions permit. Loch Lomond is 23 miles long and contains over 30 islands giving you endless opportunities to explore but the following are some popular options.

Kayak Hire Prices 2021.

Single Double
4 hours £40 £50
Full day £60 £70

Do you need a licence to kayak in Scotland?

Since the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, Scotland has what we call the ‘right to roam,’ meaning you don’t need a licence to paddle there. If however you do live in Scotland and paddle regularly, you can join the Scottish Canoe Association which includes a host of benefits including liability insurance.

Can you kayak anywhere in Scotland?

Scotland offers canoeing and kayaking like nowhere else in the UK. Providing some of the most remote destinations, stunning mountain ranges and vast wild green spaces.

Can you take your own kayak on Loch Ness?

Many visitors bring their own kayaks or hire them locally. … So whether you’re venturing out on your own or want to book a guided tour with a qualified instructor, here are a few places we can recommend for an amazing kayaking or canoeing experience in and around Loch Ness and Inverness.

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Can you kayak in a reservoir Scotland?

In Scotland you have access right to pretty much all bodies of water. A few are restricted for conservation reasons but if any type of boat is allowed on the Loch (rowing sailing etc) then canoes have a right to be there.

Can you kayak on Loch of Skene?

However, there are several good reasons why you might not be able to paddle. The estate may have been given an exemption prohibiting access to the loch. … The loch is a nature reserve (SPA I think), so you would need to ensure that in taking access you would not do any harm there.