Best answer: What is a drifter sail used for?

What is a drifter sail?

UK Sailmakers’ Encyclopedia of Sails

A Drifter is a full-draft, lightweight nylon No. 1 genoa that does away with the frustration and aggravation of sailing in light air. Drifters are a hybrid designed specifically for cruising sailors. Its wind range is from 1-15 knots when the apparent wind angle is 30-90 degrees.

How do you size a drifter sail?

You can measure the luff of an existing sail to give us an accurate luff length. If you presently have a genoa that is 150%, the foot length is 150% of the J measurement. A drifter can be longer in the foot if your boat is set up for the increase in foot length.

What is a screecher sail used for?

A screecher is specifically a multihull term for a very large, very flat sail for going upwind or just cracked off. Catamarans and trimarans have notoriously small jibs, making them grossly underpowered in light breeze.

What is a cruising spinnaker?

The Cruising Spinnaker combines the ease of handling a genoa with the pulling power of a spinnaker. The asymmetrical shape with the luff longer than the leech creates a stable sail that is easy to trim and prevents it from becoming ill-mannered as traditional spinnakers can be.

What is a gennaker sail?

A gennaker is a sail that was developed around 1990. Used when sailing downwind, it is a cross between a genoa and a spinnaker. It is not symmetric like a true spinnaker but is asymmetric like a genoa, but the gennaker is not attached to the forestay like a jib or genoa.

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What is an A3 sail?

The A3 is the choice for reaching in medium air. It is a full size sail made of medium weight material. The sail is designed flatter than the A2 to improve reaching but with a longer luff than the A1 to sail broader angles in moderate breeze.