Best answer: How should I store my scuba regulator?

How should I store my regulator?

Keep Them Dry

It’s very important to keep your regulators dry on the inside and outside when storing them. Your regulators obviously get wet during a dive and while you wash them but you need to let them dry thoroughly but not in direct sunlight as this can cause parts to discolour and deteriorate at a faster rate.

How do you store BCD and regulator?

It is best to store regulators and/or gauges in a separate regulator bag or in a sealed plastic bag. All the hoses should be coiled up loosely Never store the regulator while it is connected to the cylinder valve.

How do you pack a regulator bag?

Regulator – Pack your reg in a regulator bag and place it inside the BCD (you can also carry it on). Mask – Your mask is important! Especially if you have an RX mask. Pack it in a protective mask box then place it in the BCD above your regulator.

How do you store BCD?

Hang the BCD on a hanger and leave to dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated room. Store in a dry place out of the sun.

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How do you clean a regulator?

Submerge the regulator in fresh water for a short period and gently rotate any moving parts to ensure any salt residue is rinsed off or dissolves. Allow the regulator to dry completely before storing. As an extra precaution, use alcohol or antibacterial mouthwash to sanitize the second stage mouthpiece.

How do you store flippers?

We recommend storing your fins side-by-side on the ground, not on top of each other. This will prevent shape issues over time and to keep them ready to go for the next session.

Can you store scuba gear in garage?

If storing gear in the summer, don’t put them in a garage. Keep them upright rather than lying down. Leaving your cylinder on its side for extended periods can cause any water inside the tank to spread over a larger area, where it could corrode the sidewall.

How do you pack BCD for travel?

Pack your BCD first and in the middle of the bag, then put the fins on either side. This helps to provide padding on the bottom from the BCD, and a wall on either side from the fins. Make sure your mask is in a protective hard case. Stow your regulator in a regulator bag for extra padding.

Should I store my BCD inflated?

fnfalman said: Keep the BC partially inflated. How much partially inflated? Enough so that the inner bladder won’t get crushed or cut by accident.

How do you store a scuba mask?

Store Your Dive Mask in a Cool, Dry Place

Always store it in a cool and dry place that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight can degrade the plastic on the mask, making it brittle and rendering it useless and fragile. It’s best to keep a dive mask in a mesh bag or other gear bag that facilitates airflow.

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How do you store snorkeling gear?

Storage: Snorkels should be stored in a cool, dry place. Make sure your snorkel is dry when you place it in storage. Shake out water from the mouthpiece, tube and upper dry or fresh air sections. This helps prevent mold or mildew growing.