Your question: Who’s stronger Silver Surfer or Thanos?

Who would win in a fight Thanos or the Silver Surfer?

1 Winner: Silver Surfer

If it wasn’t for the energy absorbing abilities of the Power Cosmic, Superman would easily win this fight. He’s Surfer’s superior in just about every way but power, and has beaten enemies who were vastly more powerful than him in the past.

Which Avenger can beat Silver Surfer?

The Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe; very few heroes can last against him, let alone fight him to a stand-still—except for the Scarlet Witch.

Can Superman defeat Silver Surfer?

But as Superman found when he first fought Doomsday, he can be beaten by a foe who is simply more powerful than he is. Silver Surfer is significantly faster than Superman which would give him a significant edge in a battle, despite the two being, arguably, equally strong.

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