Your question: What is the name of a triangular sail?

What was a small boat with large triangular sail called?

A Malay boat, especially with a large triangular sail and a canoe-like outrigger.

What is a word that was used to describe a triangular sail for a ship?

The simplest lateen sail definition is that it is a triangular-shaped sail. It has one side (which has two corners) secured to a long, sloping yard, and the third corner is secured near the deck. … The lateen sail gets its name from the word “Latin” because it originated and was first used in the Mediterranean.

Why are sailboat sails triangular?

It was observed that these triangular sails allowed for navigation using a half wind (wind at 90 degrees to the boat), which further increased the ship’s maneuvering ability ‘ particularly in port, where ships previously were ‘dead in the water’ without a favorable wind.

What are the three corners of a sail called?

The top of all sails is called the head, the leading edge is called the luff, the trailing edge is the leech, and the bottom edge is the foot. Head – The head is the upper edge of the sail, and is attached at the throat and peak to a gaff, yard, or sprit. For a triangular sail the head refers to the topmost corner.

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Why is a jib called a jib?

jib, n. a triangular sail borne in front of the foremast in a ship, so called from its shifting of itself. —v.t. to shift a boom sail from one tack to the other.

What is the difference between a jib and a genoa?

Jibs are typically 100% to 115% LP and are generally used in areas with heavier winds. … Typically a jib will be no greater than 115% of the fore-triangle dimensions. A genoa is similar to a jib but is larger and reaches past the mast. It will typically overlap a mainsail to some extent.

What is the name of the sail nearest to the back of the ship?

Bow/Stern: The bow is the front of the boat, the stern is the back. Anything near the front of the boat is said to be “forward,” and anything toward the back is “aft” or “astern.” Point of Sail: The boat’s direction relative to the wind. You cannot sail directly into the wind.

Why do sail boats zig zag?

When a sailboat aims directly into the wind, it stops moving. … This is called “irons.” In order to move upwind, a sailboat must sail at an acute angle to the wind direction and “tack” back and forth in a zigzag manner.

What does the word Lateen mean?

: being or relating to a rig used especially on the north coast of Africa and characterized by a triangular sail extended by a long spar slung to a low mast. lateen. noun. Definition of lateen (Entry 2 of 2) 1 or less commonly lateener lə-​ˈtē-​nər : a lateen-rigged ship.

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Can you reef a lateen sail?

When you say ‘lateen’ , I assume you mean a boomed lateen, which has a boom at the foot of the sail which is the same length as the yard. When reefing such a sail, the thing to watch out for is a changing Center of Area (CA). As the sail is reefed, the CA will move aft.