Your question: What are the key components to the elementary backstroke?

What are the key points of backstroke style?

Rebecca Adlington’s 6 swim tips for backstroke brilliance

  • Keep your body flat like a plank. “Try to keep your hips as close to the surface as possible” …
  • Use a ‘flutter’ kick. …
  • Use a long fluid arm motion. …
  • Breathe once per arm cycle. …
  • Use the ceiling or clouds to keep yourself straight. …
  • Accelerate your arm speed.

What are the 3 major parts of the backstroke?

The Essential Elements of Backstroke

  • 1.Body Position. The body position should be high and flat. …
  • Head Position. The correct head position is vital for achieving correct body position. …
  • Kicking Action. The kicking action is generated from the hips and upper legs with feet below surface. …
  • Hand Entry. …
  • Arm Action. …
  • Timing.

What is the importance of elementary backstroke?

Significance. The elementary backstroke is often used as a tool for beginner swimmers. Learning this stroke helps swimmers adjust to floating on the back and incorporates a simple stroke for movement. The elementary backstroke is also used as a rescue tool.

What are the 4 parts of the backstroke arm movement?

In backstroke, the arms perform opposite alternating movements.

In backstroke, the arm stroke movements can be divided into the following phases:

  • Entry and extension forward.
  • First downsweep.
  • Catch.
  • First upsweep.
  • Second downsweep.
  • Second upsweep.
  • Release.
  • Recovery.
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What are the four key components of a swim stroke?

Freestyle swimming is a balance of four major components: breathing, body position, kick, and arm strokes. Everything about the stroke and technique fits into one of these categories, and each category must be built strong to make your stroke efficient.

What are the three cues to help with elementary backstroke ?

Swimming Technique

  • Turn towards the wall and push yourself off the wall with your feet. …
  • Your head is in a neutral position, in line with your body.
  • Your face is above the water and turned upwards.
  • Your arms rest along your body.
  • Your palms face your body.
  • Your legs are extended and held together.

How long should the glide be elementary backstroke?

your arms make a backwards heart for the pull while your legs perform a whip kick then you glide on your stomach for at least 3 seconds.