Your question: Is Christopher Cross a yacht rock?

What qualifies as yacht rock?

Yacht rock is music, primarily created between 1976 and ’84, that can be characterized as smooth and melodic, and typically combines elements of jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock. You’ll hear very little acoustic guitar (get that “Horse With No Name” out of there) but a lot of Fender Rhodes electric piano.

What is an example of yacht rock?

The term is meant to suggest the kind of smooth, mellow music that early yuppies likely enjoyed while sipping champagne and snorting cocaine on their yachts. Significant “yacht rockers” include Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, and Toto.”

Is yacht rock the same as soft rock?

Yacht rock (originally known as the West Coast sound or adult-oriented rock) is a broad music style and aesthetic commonly associated with soft rock, one of the most commercially successful genres from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s.

What are the top 10 yacht rock songs?

Top 10 Yacht Rock Songs

  • Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett (1977)
  • Sailing, Christopher Cross (1979)
  • Watching the River Run, Loggins & Messina (1973)
  • Summer Breeze, Seals & Crofts (1972)
  • Come sail away, Styx (1977)
  • Sailing, Rod Stewart (1972)
  • Moondance, Van Morrison (1970)
  • Moonshadow, Cat Stevens (1971)
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What is 70’s yacht rock?

Broadly speaking, yacht rock is an ocean of smooth, soft-listening music made in the late ’70s and early ’80s by artists like Toto, Hall & Oates and Kenny Loggins — music you can sail to.

Is paul McCartney a yacht rock?

This tune from McCartney’s 1983 Pipes of Peace album (later included again on 1984’s Give My Regards to Broad Street) sits in the right musical period to qualify as Yacht Rock, and it definitely has some interesting chord changes based around the use of a major-seventh, but it suffers in other areas.

Is Bruce Springsteen a yacht rock?

The late 1970s and early 1980s were a golden age for popular music, with the legendary songs of The Eagles, Van Halen, and Bruce Springsteen Dominating the airwaves. They called the series Yacht Rock and the name stuck. …

Is Huey Lewis Yacht Rock?

Yacht Rock is an online video series following the fictionalized lives and careers of American soft rock stars of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Yacht Rock (web series)

Yacht Rock
Created by J. D. Ryznar, Hunter D. Stair, Lane Farnham
Presented by Steve Huey
Starring J. D. Ryznar, Hunter D. Stair David B. Lyons

Is Don Henley yacht rock?

Many Eagles tunes could be classed as yacht rock, but we reckon their finest example comes from this track from their The Long Run album in 1979. Don Henley described the song as “straight Al Green”, and that Glenn Frey, an R&B fan, was responsible for the R&B feel of the song.

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Is REO Speedwagon yacht rock?

NOW That’s What I Call Yacht Rock 2 features songs by those three artists, as well as hits by other veteran rock acts like Santana, Chicago and REO Speedwagon. Loggins’ contribution to the track list is his classic 1978 duet with Stevie Nicks, “Whenever I Call You Friend.”