Your question: How do I get a wetsuit that fits?

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How do you know what size wetsuit to get?

Sizing for Full Wetsuits and Springsuits:

  1. Height and chest are the most important measurements.
  2. Measure your chest at the widest point, with the tape gently snug.
  3. Regarding length, it’s generally OK if the suit is a little on the long side. …
  4. If in between two sizes, take the larger size.

Should you go up a size in wetsuits?

In short, no. You will find that it does not make too much difference whether you are buying a winter or summer wetsuit in terms of sizing. The only difference is the thickness – a winter wetsuit will feel tighter than a summer version, but the fit should be exactly the same.

What size wetsuit am I womens?

Women’s O’Neill Wetsuit & Rashguard Size Chart

Sizes Height Waist (in)
6 5’4″ – 5’6″ 25 – 27
8S 5’3.5″ – 5’5.5″ 26 – 28
8 5’5″ 5’7″ 26 – 28
8T 5’6.5″ – 5’8.5″ 26 – 28

Do wetsuits get looser in water?

Try on your wetsuit before your first swim or surf session, just to make sure you are fairly comfortable. It will always feel tighter when you are out of the water. Remember that it will feel a little bit looser once it fills with water.

Why does my wetsuit fill up with water?

Sounds like the wetsuit may be too big. A swimmers wetsuit should fit like second skin with no bagginess anywhere in the suit. If water is getting in and filling the legs then there is too much water coming into the suit and the suit is not tight enough that water can gather in the legs.

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