You asked: What does rowing mean?

What does the term rowing mean?

1 : the propelling of a boat by means of oars : the action of one that rows. 2 : the sport of racing in shells.

What does rowing mean in the UK?

British English: row /raʊ/ NOUN. argument A row is a serious disagreement or noisy argument. There was a diplomatic row between the two countries.

What does wowing out mean?

wowed; wowing; wows. Definition of wow (Entry 3 of 4) transitive verb. : to excite to enthusiastic admiration or approval a performance that wowed the critics.

What do rowers say when they row?

Bow four raise your hands; stern four lower them“: translation: “I am a novice coxswain.” “Weigh” and “Way”: “Weigh oars” is an archaic English command meaning to lift the oars out of the water, while the command “Give Way” originally meant to start rowing, because “way” means movement (as in “steerageway”).

Why does rowing have two finals?

Rowing events have multiple finals to settle the rowers’ final positions. For men’s lightweight double sculls at Tokyo, there are three. Final A decides places 1 to 6, including the three medals. Final B is to ascertain ranks from 7-12 while final C is for the 13th to 18th positions.

What does final a mean rowing?

Repechage is a last-chance qualifying race in which the crews that did not automatically progress from the heats have another chance to advance to the next round. Final A will be the race that decides the medallists, with the fastest boats going through to this final.

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What are the two meanings of row?

1 : a number of objects arranged in a usually straight line a row of bottles also : the line along which such objects are arranged planted the corn in parallel rows. 2a : way, street. b : a street or area dominated by a specific kind of enterprise or occupancy doctors’ row. 3 : twelve-tone row.