You asked: Is surf a good move for Swampert?

Is surf on Swampert good?

For the Swampert charged attack, Surf is a great second option that can serve a similar purpose as Hydro Cannon. Surf can actually charge up faster than Hydro Cannon, which is lightning quick compared to many other attacks in Pokemon GO. However, it falls flat in the damage department by a large margin.

What is Swampert special move?

Muddy Water (Japanese: だくりゅう Muddy River) is a damage-dealing Water-type move introduced in Generation III. Prior to Generation IV, it was the signature move of Marshtomp and Swampert.

What is the best Moveset for mega Swampert?

Earthquake is Mega Swampert’s obvious Ground STAB, and just a great attack in general with high power, perfect accuracy, and no downsides. Ice Punch is Mega Swampert’s preferred coverage move, given it hits Grass types and Dragon types hard.

Is Muddy Water a good move for Swampert?

Muddy Water is a very disappointing addition to Swampert for PvP. Hydro Cannon deals roughly 257% of the damage that Muddy Water can do, for only extra 5 energy.

Can Swampert learn ice punch?

Mudkip can’t learn icepunch via egg moves, however Swampert/Marshtomp can learn the move. He can learn it via the Move Tutor in Oras, which means it is a transfer only move.

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What EVs should I give Swampert?

Optimal EVs are 252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 Def/SpDef.

This boosts its overall bulk and hitting power.

What is Swampert weak to?

Is muddy water better than surf?

As a 100% accurate move with a base power of 90, Surf is the strongest and most reliable Water-type HM in the game. … While surf does not have an additional effect of lowering the foe’s stats, it is much more accurate than Muddy Water and therefore more reliable and consistent.

Is Swampert worth powering up?

Hydro Cannon, has been confirmed as the signature move for Swampert this Community Day. In PvE (gyms/raids) it is a 2 bar move with 90 base power and a cooldown of 1.9 seconds.

Top Tier Water Attackers and Movesets.

Pokemon Swampert
Quick Move Water Gun Water
Charge Move Hydro Cannon Water
DPS 15.90
TDO 718.18