You asked: How do you use a canoe yoke?

Which way does a canoe yoke go?

Next, place the yoke across the canoe at your markings, under both gunwales and then rotate it so its narrow edge is facing upwards. With one person on either side of the canoe, lift up on the yoke. The canoe may tip to one direction. Adjust the yoke until the canoe is balanced and mark its position.

Do all canoes have thwarts?

A working canoe needs five thwarts. Even the short thwarts that are bolted just behind the decks are important because the wooden deck plates they support are attached to the rails with wood screws that can loosen.

How do you keep rain out of a canoe?

A vest, and your rain coat, may be enough layers for most summer canoe trips. But in the spring and fall you’d be prudent to bring a light fleece jacket, fleece stocking cap, and neoprene gloves as well. Your gloves are going to get wet and neoprene is the only thing to combat it.

Where should the stronger paddler sit in a canoe?

The stronger paddler should sit in the stern. Sometimes called the “pull-to,” the draw stroke is used to change the direction of the canoe. It can also be used to move the canoe sideways, such as when you’re pulling alongside a dock.

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