You asked: How do you attach a shade sail to a tree?

What posts do you use for shade sails?

It is recommended to use a round steel post with a minimum diameter of 90mm, or a 90x90mm square steel post. Post wall thickness should be a minimum of 3.5mm.

What hardware do I need for a shade sail?

Hardware choices include turnbuckles, spring hooks, thimbles, heavy-duty dee rings (or “D” rings), shackles, mounting plates, wire rope, triangle rings, washers, rope clamps, brackets, and eye nuts and bolts. Design a sleek canopy that offers a lightweight look and high-performing cover with the right tools.

Can you hang a shade sail vertically?

Shade Sails can be mounted in a variety of ways: Horizontally (flat), where all corners are at the same height; Vertically, like a privacy fence; Or, where some corners are high and some low (like a “Hypar” design).

Do shade sail posts need to be angled?

Ideally, they should be installed at an angle of 10 degrees for steel and 20 degrees for timber posts. The angle should be away from the shade sail, so account for the angle and the length of the turnbuckles when you dig your post holes.

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