Why do marine mammals dive?

Why do blue whales dive deep?

Whales are marine mammals that dive for various reasons, such as: feeding and mating. Their prey are found at varying depths under the water and depending on where in the water column that is, whales dive to various depths for varying periods of time. … As they dive down, pressure increases with increasing depth.

Why is a sperm whale’s head so big?

Spermaceti and Diving Capabilities

They have the largest brain of any creature known to have lived on Earth. Their heads also hold large quantities of a substance called spermaceti. Whalers once believed that the oily fluid was sperm, but scientists still do not understand the function of spermaceti.

How do you prevent bends?

How to Avoid the Bends From Scuba Diving

  1. Keep properly hydrated. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of DCS. …
  2. Avoid Alcohol. It’s common sense not to dive under the influence. …
  3. Stay Fit. …
  4. Have a Dive Plan. …
  5. Always Ascend Slowly. …
  6. Do Not Fly After Diving. …
  7. Keep a Smooth Dive Profile.

How do dolphins not get the bends?

Dolphins conserve oxygen and prevent dive-related problems by consciously decreasing their heart rates before diving. … This allows them to conserve oxygen and adjust their body to the changing pressure as they dive, therefore avoiding issues such as ”the bends”.

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Can Dolphins get the bends?

Dolphins seem to adjust their heart rates as they dive to avoid decompression sickness, also known as the bends, which is caused by sudden changes in pressure.