Why are swim shirts called rash guards?

Why are rash tops called rash tops?

What are rash vests used for? … Rash Prevention: There’s a clue in the name, but the original function of a rash vest was to protect surfers from the rash caused by the rough surf wax on their boards rubbing against their torso.

What is the purpose of a rash guard swimsuit?

A popular piece of surfing equipment, rash guards are used to protect skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays and chafing while out on the board.

Do rash guards have built in bras?

Rash guard shorts in solid color, simple and sleek. Modest padded Swimsuit: Built in bra swim top offers you enough support yet still feel comfortable when you enjoy your time on the beach.

What’s the difference between wetsuit and rash guard?

A wetsuit is what surfers wear in the freezing ocean water to stay warm. … Rash Guards are NOT wetsuits! They are not designed to keep you warm. They are designed to prevent rashes from surfing.

Can you tan through a rash guard?

CAN YOU TAN THROUGH A RASH GUARD? … Good branded rash guards will usually be made from fabrics with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+. This means the fabric is made of tightly-woven fabric and higher-grade materials, which won’t allow harmful rays onto your skin, which means you won’t tan as easily!

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