Who makes Grumman canoes?

Do they still make Grumman Boats?

The name Grumman is once again back on the canoes where it always belonged. In 2008 the company decided to start making pontoon boats again after about a two-decade absence. In 2019 Altair Investments Inc. acquired Marathon Boat Group, LLC (MBG).

Who bought Grumman Boats?

Marathon Boat Group purchased the Grumman brand name while Lowe Industries took over the construction of their watercraft.

Are Grumman sport boats stable?

The Sportboat is fairly stable I would think you would have no trouble shooting if sitting down, (I’ve done it a few times) but as with all small boats quick movements can be risky. Pulled into cattails or other cover where it bottoms out it makes a stable shooting platform.

How heavy is a Grumman canoe?

Weight of the standard-keel version is 66 pounds with . 040-inch hull thickness and 75 pounds with a . 050-inch hull. The shallow-draft version weighs 81 pounds.

When did Northrop merge with Grumman?

The companies’ new battle plan was consolidation, and Northrop’s takeover of Grumman in April 1994 kicked off a blitzkrieg of deals that led to the booming aerospace and defense behemoths of today.

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