Who is the greatest swimmer ever?

Who is the strongest swimmer in the world?

Michael Phelps

Personal information
Weight 194 lb (88 kg)
Spouse(s) Nicole Johnson
Sport Swimming

Who is better Thorpe or Phelps?

Phelps has six Olympic gold medals, Thorpe five. Thorpe has 11 world titles, Phelps 10. Phelps has broken 16 individual world records, Thorpe 13. … It would not be a shock to see him walk away with eight gold medals, and, if he does, Talbot believes he will be the greatest swimmer of all time.

Is Caeleb Dressel better than Phelps?

Clay County’s swimming star is now the fastest butterfly swimmer on the planet. Caeleb Dressel demolished one of the most durable records in world swimming Friday, breaking Michael Phelps’ mark in the 100-meter butterfly to continue his FINA world swimming championships in Gwangju, South Korea.

Whats the fastest swim?

Sailfish and orcas are the fastest swimmers on earth. Sailfish is number one if you factor in their leaps out of the water into the air. They can reach speeds of up to 68 miles an hour. Orcas swim at speeds of up to 34.5 miles per hour.

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