Who is the best female surfer?

Who is the number 1 surfer in the world?

2021 Men’s Championship Tour

Rank Name
1 Gabriel Medina Brazil
2 Italo Ferreira Brazil
3 Filipe Toledo Brazil

Which female surfer has won the most world titles?

American surfer Stephanie Galimore is the leading women’s surfer who won the most Women’s Surfing Championship titles with 7th times from the beginning of Women’s Surfing championship in 1964.

Who is the current female world champion surfer?

Carissa Moore claimed her fifth women’s world title and second in succession. Gabriel Medina won his third men’s championship. The 2021 finals series follow a brand new best-of-five surfers format.

Who is the best female surfer in Australia?

2021 Women’s Junior Tour Rankings

Rank Name Total Points
1 Ellie Harrison Australia 800
2 Zahli Kelly Australia 650
3 Sage Goldsbury Australia 600

Who is the god of surfing?

A diminutive of the male given name Hubert. (uncountable, surfing) Imaginary god who creates surf (waves, and associated conditions), generally used humorously.

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